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Mazi is Proudly Made in Fitzroy Nth, Melbourne, Australia Mazi is Proudly Made in Fitzroy Nth, Melbourne, Australia

The Mazi Women

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The Mazi Women

All about Mazi: Vintage Inspired, beautiful laces, a muted colour pallet and all things quirky and feminine.

The Mazi look is described as a celebration of all things vintage inspired, unique, pretty, quirky and above all: feminine.

The Mazi woman simply loves being what she is a “woman” to her, her femininity is her truest nature, her most celebrated asset. The Mazi woman enjoys classic Hollywood movies, champagne, she dreams of one day living in Paris or New York, of finding the perfect pair of heels and sharing in romance.

The Mazi woman chooses to shop locally, she supports her local artisans, makers and bespoke businesses, her “style” her sense of style develops into her own personalized proclamation and when she does this, she also nurtures her community, keeping it: vibrant, quirky and unique.

The Mazi woman loves soft dressing, layered dressing, she loves stretch fabrics, luxurious, stretch velvets, floral textured prints, ornate beading, delicate laces all in a stylized old world color pallette, she has a soft spot for her practical, yet distinctive Mazi black dresses, her vintage style cardigan, which she owns in a variety of colors and embellishments, she loves her black leggings, she loves the lightweight, elegant, vintage inspired Monique Coat in a figure flattering, stretch autumn, winter fabric, These kinds of combinations have the Mazi woman looking and feeling sexy, feeling comfortable and looking stunning even in the cooler autumn, winter months.

In her wardrobe you will find: a variety of wrap dresses, gorgeous muted, floral printed wrap dresses, solid print wrap dresses, delicate lace wrap dresses and retro printed wrap dresses, other staples would include: lace groves, textured stockings, handmade adornments, a variety of vintage inspired, feminine, fitted cardigans, she loves cardigans, she loves her long cardi’s, her mid length cardi’s, short cardi’s, the Mazi woman feels: the fit and the feel are what she loves most about her Mazi cardigans, she tells us that she feels that her sense of style is complimented by the beautiful and delicate lace trim, embellishments and ornate stylized buttons. The Mazi Kiss and Tell Cardigan and the Paris Cardigan are her long-time favorites.

The Mazi woman is intuitively individual, and she expects her style statement, her uniqueness will consistently be met when she chooses a Mazi dress, classic cardigan or vintage style coat(s) she expects the highest quality stretch, solid or printed fabrics, she expects a flattering, elegant, timeless cut, she expects all the elements to seamlessly come together to accentuate her best features and minimize her insecurities, leaving her feeling confident and looking beautiful.

To complete the Mazi look, a must have is a pretty black, blood red, burgundy or pink rose corsage along with a demure pair of fishnet or lace stockings, a gothic style, stunning chandelier necklace and/or a standout eye catching, fun handbag.

Mazi is trans-seasonal so a sexy, sheer dress, a fitted lace dress or a strappy little number can easily be made comfortably warmer by the adding a matching cardigan or a stunning matching Mazi Coat and/or the addition of a pair of the classic Mazi signature leggings, lacey leggings or the bootleg pants.

Mazi is proudly: Made in Fitzroy I Melbourne I Australia.

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