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Mazi is Proudly Made in Fitzroy Nth, Melbourne, Australia Mazi is Proudly Made in Fitzroy Nth, Melbourne, Australia

Vintage Inspired Feminine Style: What Makes Mazi, Quirky, Feminine and Unique?

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Vintage Inspired Feminine Style: What Makes Mazi, Quirky, Feminine and Unique?

Mazi’s vintage inspired feminine clothing never goes out of style. This vintage inspired classic, feminine style is timeless, is romantic, and is inspired by an individual take on fashion, however! the Mazi look can revolutionize the way you dress.


Combining touches of muted stretch lace, quirky and fun motifs, colorful and pretty bows, flowers and a splash of old-world style, are just some of the elements that marry together to make Mazi garments feminine, playful, individual, distinct and quirky. Mazi celebrates the quirky.


Mazi garments are designed with a certain femininity in mind. Mazi design is imbued with a sense of joy that comes with being a “woman” I, want to accentuate/celebrate/highlight that; knowing you are a woman in itself ought to make a woman feel empowered, self-assured, desired, say’s Effie Evriniadis Mazi designer/owner. Our garments celebrate a woman’s curves, her femininity and gently put aside those timidities we women aspire to put aside, resulting, I believe in a organically, sensual look that has the wearer feeling: femininely, timeless.


The Mazi woman is creative, quirky, adventurous, playful, feminine and self-assured, she is a girls, girl. The Mazi woman embraces her femininity and expresses her individuality, confidently through the way she enjoys expressing herself through dress.

Vintage inspired feminine fashion is not limited to dresses alone. A Mazi woman’s style includes vintage inspired designer stretch skirts, comfortable and flattering stretch leggings and feminine and quirky, coats, which epitomize a women’s individuality and presence. There are so many options to mix and match with different accessories, jewelry, lace glovers, flattering stretch cardigans and importantly our signature Mazi corsages, as a small Australian business, we have the luxury of being able to take our time with our friends and customers and enjoy the process of styling you.

Made in Australia:

All Mazi garments are proudly and lovingly made in Fitzroy I Melbourne I Australia. When purchasing one of our made in Australia garments, we note, that you are supporting your local craftspeople, local artisans and an ethical manufacturing process.


Mazi is proudly: Made in Fitzroy I Melbourne I Australia.

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